Lets go Vampy!


Photography by Heather Marshall

How is the new year coming along for y’all?  I hope it is what you expected and more!

I must say i have missed blogging and talking to all of you and i’m excited to share these photos with you. I had so much fun shooting and i love everything about them. The outfit was meant to be Gothic and Vampy considering the winter season. Though i must say this winter is not as bad (at least not in New Mexico) because i can afford to leave some skin out and not freeze. Last year i whined a lot about how bad the weather was but now there is nothing i love more than coming home in the evenings to enjoy a cup of hot chai…that reminds me i’m almost out of the famous Kenyan tea and its time for mama to send some more 🙂

On other news i have to ask this; how is the whole ‘starting over’ new year thing coming along?  I honestly stopped making those new year resolutions long time ago. I mean…i have my long term goals and i know what i need to do today to achieve them and if in any case i decide to revise them i don’t have to wait until beginning of the year to do so. A Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon sounds like a perfect time to do it LOL.

Enjoy the photos loves! XO!

Chocker bodysuit: Naked Wardrobe

Skirt: Zara

Knee high Boots: Amiclubwear

Watch: Fashionova

Clutch: Kenyatta Market (Kenya)

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