The Little, Big Things!

Photography by Heather Marshall

I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentines weekend with their loved ones! I was home all weekend just thinking about the little things that have brought love and happiness in my life. Yes, i took the time to just be grateful of people and things that give me life.

IMG_1357  The Little, Big Things! IMG 1357

I think with age some things just start to change. As y’all may know (or not) i live away from family and it has been the hardest time of my life. I remember when i was younger i got so excited of being left home alone or visiting with relatives for over a month and not even worry about them. Now i just wish i can see them all everyday, well, maybe not everyday but a lot more often lol.

 IMG_1360  The Little, Big Things! IMG 1360

The other thing i have treasured and held so close to my heart are my friendships. I once talked about my introvert-ism here and so it has always been hard for me to let people in and often it is mistaken for other things. With that being said i appreciate all my besties and  respect all my friends.

IMG_1367  The Little, Big Things! IMG 1367

The other thing i love is blogging. If you are a fashion blogger you understand how fascinating and exciting blogging is. I always look forward to putting my outfits together, styling them, and the fun fun photo shoots.

IMG_1387  The Little, Big Things! IMG 1387

Finally, i appreciate my reader’s comments on Facebook (Remmygirl), Instagram (@Remmygirll), snap chat (rehema10/Remmygirl), emails and likes. There is nothing like knowing someone out there is reading and taking time to put in responses. I love all of you!!

IMG_1373  The Little, Big Things! IMG 1373

IMG_1397  The Little, Big Things! IMG 1397

Thank you for stopping by! XO!

 Shoes – Agaci Store

Black Tulle Skirt – Old from Rue21

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