Lets Catch Up :)


Photography by Heather Marshall

I hope you are having a great Tuesday evening!

I have been working on this post for a while now but i’m glad i finally get to share it with you. These photos were taken end of spring so you can imagine how long it’s been. No excuses but a lot has happened between then and now but hey! Finally we are here.

IMG_4056 youtube Lets Catch Up :) IMG 4056

By a lot has happened since spring i mean a..a..a loot.  For one, i have been watching a lot of YouTube videos. From beauty, fashion, travel diaries, vlogs, education and many more different kind of videos. Maybe i’m a little too late to discover this but one can actually learn anything from YouTube. For the longest time i didn’t know how to do my own make up. I’ve always seen girls glammed  up and would wonder what i wasn’t doing right. The other thing is the connection one gets with some of the girls on YouTube like in real life we would be besties lol. But honestly shout out to all the beautiful girls doing their thing on YouTube, we watch your videos so keep  educating nerds like me 😉

IMG_4014 youtube Lets Catch Up :) IMG 4014 IMG_4050 youtube Lets Catch Up :) IMG 4050

On other news i went to Kenya whole month of July and it was a blast. If you ever read my blog you will know how close i am with my family and being with them for a whole month was quite a blessing. I feel like i’m fueled to push through another few years (or less) before i get to see them again.I’m actually putting together a travel diary of my trip to Kenya and hopefully we will get to see it soon.

IMG_3992 youtube Lets Catch Up :) IMG 3992 IMG_4003 youtube Lets Catch Up :) IMG 4003 IMG_3980 youtube Lets Catch Up :) IMG 3980

IMG_4046 youtube Lets Catch Up :) IMG 4046 IMG_3982 youtube Lets Catch Up :) IMG 3982 IMG_4042 youtube Lets Catch Up :) IMG 4042


I hope y’all enjoy the pictures and get to tell me how you spend your summer. I honestly love reading the emails!

Outfit Details

Dress- Agaci’ Store

Pumps/boots – Agaci’ Store

Earings – Agaci’

Clutch – Gift from my sister 🙂


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  • Jason Mungai

    great pics dear…love love them