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So a friend of mine asked me what my favorite movie is and it looked like my answer surprised him a little lol. My answer was ‘Antz’ an ant cartoon movie that i have watched so many times. This movie starts by the main character ant by the name ‘Z’ describing how he feels about his current situation. He explains his inadequacy being a worker in the colony and how handling dirt every day is not his idea of a rewarding career. He also feels insignificant being born a middle child in a family of five million ants (It is hilarious how he explains it).

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Anyways to cut a long story short (just watch the movie on Netflix), this ant struggles to stay positive and stays focused on trying to change his situation. His courage to hope for better and even risk his life fighting for it is impeccable.

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Every time i watch this movie i feel like i can walk all over my fears. It makes me feel unstoppable and has become my go-to source of inspiration and courage. It is also hilarious and has some of my favorite actors.

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I can relate with Z in same and different ways and i know that we can’t determine where we are born or what life brings to us but we can definitely choose what to do with it.

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This also brings the idea of settling. If you think you can do better than you are right now please make that step forward into the next level of what it is. I have decided that i will do better at everything i do and that i will not stop working towards my goals. Even if it means taking half steps i will make sure i have improved myself each day.

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So lets all do this together; it doesn’t matter which part of the world you are from and it doesn’t matter what limitations you think you have. Just try to make a step forward daily, it will eventually count in the big picture.

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Until next time please stay inspired and run your world like you own it(because you do). And i will do the same!! Thanks for stopping by! XO!

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