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I’ve spent the last few months planning, moving but mostly worrying lol. Not that I’m not used to start overs its just that this move was under different circumstances but for which I’m so thankful. Never been so thrilled yet scared to move to a new city than I was with this one but I’m now over it and I’m settling down with things falling into place one after the other. If you follow me on my social media accounts you already know where I moved to 🙂 if you don’t you can follow on by the links on this page.

That said, I can’t believe the “love month” and also Black history month is here. 2017 is 2 months in already and there is still so much to do. I’m still behind with my vision board and a few other things but I’m sure I’ll catch up soon. I hope this year will bring all of your dreams true and a chance to achieve all your goals.

If there is any advice I can give anyone is to stay POSITIVE no matter what and know there is a GOD who is there to see you through the year.

The jeans I’m wearing in this post have absolutely won my heart and now that I’m a fulltime student I get to style them different ways and wear them to school. I bought them at Zara during black Friday last year and I’ve been looking forward to blog them. I hope this inspires your wardrobe!

Outfit Details

Bomber Jacket: A’gaci

Crop top: Forever 21

Jeans: Zara

Flat shoes: A’gaci






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